WMS 1969 & 70 School Brochures

Circa 1969 WMS would send this “catalog” out when parents inquired about the school (click here). Thanks to Ann Aoki for putting this up on Face Book. In early 1969 Heniz and trustees decided the school needed student growth to offset per pupil costs. Heinz hired a local graphic design company who sent a photographer (Gab Cooney) to take pictures of Windsor life during that spring. The result is 32 page booklet, 8 ½ x 11, printed mostly black ink, with a few duo-tones, on several different shades of pastel colored 100 lb vellum text weight papers, and inner fly sheet of a parchment like paper. The cover uses some modern type styles so as to project a “hip” 1960’s look, while the text is clear that Windsor is a serious college prep school that has successfully adapted to cultural changes, the challenges of drug use, and the needs of a developing youth. Note – most of the text is the same as the student handbook sent out in December 69 (see 1969 School Brochure). The brochure released in the winter of 1970 was sent out prospective interested families, area school guidance, and of course state agencies for troubled youth, etc.

1970 School Brochure
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