Speeches by Gertrud & Max

The Class of 1965 had the speeches of Gertrud and Max published and gifted to the school. It is unknown how many copies were printed, or how many still exist. The book measures 8.5 x 11″ and is printed offset lithography, black ink, on the right side only of the open pages on what appears to be 100 lb stipple [pebble] finish text paper with a deckled edge. Unfortunately the paper is not acid-free as the pages are yellowing. The typesetting is by typewritter, more specifically IBM Selectric, which was common in the 1960’s through 1980’s until the advent of computer and word processing.

The binding is sewn signature hard bound with a dark blue cloth cover that is gold stamped.

We have scanned all 47 pages of text, and broken the PDF files into 5 separate files so that you can download them one at a time without the need to go to a FTP site.

Many thanks to Betsy Ryan for sending us this original copy of the book. Please keep in mind we continue to seek Yearbooks and other Windsor documents to archive on this website. We have both both flatbed and projection scanners, so your document will not be damaged or require dismantling. Contact us at alum@windsormountainschool.com to arrange shipping and return.

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