Books by Alan Barysh – WMS 67

Amazon dot com has my books. If you don’t like Quinten Tainteno, then do not buy my books Bugged, Slugged and Mugged (In that order) My books Joint Session or Mr. Weed goes to Washington or Art Between Deliveries may also be purchased on that very same web site. Please buy as many copies as you can in order to secure my place as an obscure cult figure in literature. However if any one can get my three aforementioned books made into movies, I will give a substantial finders fee to that person after the films hit the Silver Screen.

My name is Alan Barysh I graduated from Windsor Mountain School in1966. After a few uneventful years in a college in Missouri I wound up in a mental health hospital in 1967. This year marks 50 years of being clean and sober. During the past 50 years I was a printer for the Black Panther Party a shop steward in the AMEU local 1231 and theUMSWA local 33/ I have worked and an art store clerk, a short order cook in a convent, a shipyard worker and for the past 30 years as a blue print delivery driver. I have been part of a number of performance poetry groups, conducted for John Cage,  mentioned by a fascist senator in the Congressional Record, written for and helped distribute a local newspaper called On The Line. This paper became The Worker, them merged with several other papers called The Worker to become The Revolutionary Worker,then Revolution. I still distribute this paper. I helped found the Baltimore Chapter of the U.S.China People’s Friendship Association. I was the first to quit after the “Gang of Four” were locked up. This year I managed to swim 71 miles before my 71st birthday. I have done benefits for Darnel Summers, The Revolution Club, Mumia Abu-Jamal and Marshal Eddie Conway. I have protested with the Iranian Students, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Refuse & Resist, No Business As Usual, and Refuse Fascism. I led the longest pro abortion counter demonstration in Baltimore from 1988 to 1989. And I was “deselected” from the Venceramous Brigade when they found out I had been hospitalized for mental illness. I actively participated in a radio show called the Great Atlantic Radio Conspiracy from 1985 until it went off the air. From 1984 until 1989 I ran a local telephone line where people could call and hear recorded poetry. I have produced five compact disks of poetry and music. My letters to the editor can be found in the Revolutionary Worker, Revolution and the Baltimore City Paper. The late Anselm Hollo called me “That Ass hole from Baltimore” The late Amri Brraka called me “a nice fellow” and John Cage called me “……” I have been married only once and divorced when my wife left me for a Mexican Prize fighter/ Used car salesman. Yes she took the car. I have no children she wants to admit having by me. I have had three cats Jake Elwood and Chang Ching. The color I like best is red. I can bake any type of pie, and turn a silk purse into a sow’s ear. My patriot saint is Ernie Kovacs. My writing can be found in the Baltimore magazine Shattered Wig Review. Currently I am waiting to see if the Guess your weight and fortune company will be taking on extra writers. Thanks for asking about me. You may feel free to just put this bio as is where ever you like, Feel free to call me during day light hours on Eastern Standard time @ 443-239-5325
With warmest regards,
Alan Barysh MEOB – Most Exquisit Old Buzzard