1965 Year Book

A traditional style yearbook, approximately 140 pages, 8.5 x 11 on matte coated 80 lb white, with hardbound (sewn signature) blue linen cloth cover that is letterpress stamped on spine only with black ink. Find credits given to the Yearbook committee on page 121. There is a nice overview of Max & Gertrude, but no message from Gertrude, however a nice 1965 year in review by Heinz. In this year there must have been numerous photographers, but they are not identified. Faculty is featured first, then Seniors, lots of activities and sports, followed by sponsors and numerous pages of advertisers (not included) other than page 130 (late page in series) – a full page with just the word “HOPE.” 

Highlights: The East and West Dorms have been built (one story) and the book features pictures of students in each dorm. There is a Fencing team, and large Dance group. Student Council and Court were very important as there are pictures of four elected courts/councils in the school year. The main new addition is the new Theater building. Although the American cultural turmoil is nearly unseen such as male long hair, mini skirts or politics (LBJ, Vietnam, etc.) … a group of students goes down south to help rebuild a “negro” church that had been burned by the Klan. 

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1965 Yearbook
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