1957 Year Book

Titled L’Allegro it is a traditional style yearbook, approximately 75 pages, 8 x 10 on coated 80 lb white, letterpress printed with hardbound (sewn signature), cover is a padded leatherite plastic blue and white that is hot stamped. The beginning of book tells the story of the school with Gertrud’s “What We Should Be.” followed by Heinz “What We Did” ending with a discussion on boredom – “is only for people that can’t think … Our Staff (mostly by first name – the Windsor tradition) with words of wisdom to students. Seniors are listed near the front and then seasonal “Student Life” and “Passing Glance” random photos and House Pictures (2 Girls, 3 Boys including Beaupre). Arts, Music, Drama, Sports, followed by sponsors and numerous pages of advertisers (not included). There is no mention of Student Council or Court.

Highlights: Maurice graduates in 1957 – he wants to be a minister or a educator … his favorite saying is “could we have it quiet in here!” Under the class “Last Will” Maurice leaves Windsor until he can return to it, and finish his Senior Project. How true was the prediction! Several nice stories including “My First Day at Windsor” by Judy Goldstein. Heinz still very young to be Headmaster, writes that the future of the school is to remain small, thus reducing to about 150 students (10 students less). He has a wish list for a dining room, a stage, and new girls dorm.

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1957 Yearbook
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