Windsor Mountain School

2023 Lenox Reunion, Saturday, September 16th – UPDATE 9/12

9/12 from BU-Tanglewood (our host) — Park in the gravel lot in front of Groton Place (Main House). The 2nd & 3rd floors of Groton Place are used by BU Medical Residents and not accessible. For a complete list of alums attending (we know of), email: 8/18 from Betsy — “soooo home slice(s)( pl?) the contract, the $2500 and event insurance all went to […]

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2022 WMS Zoom Holiday Assembly, Sunday, 11/27

Our Annual 2022 WMS Zoom Assembly the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We started with 5 minutes each for hellos / how your year has been / favorite Windsor story. We remember those who have passed in 2022, two Davids (Porta & Bean) and others. We discussed our next 2023 Reunion in Lenox … do we want to try to schedule early June or stay with mid […]

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2022 The Year of Non-Reunion

After the long Covid two year isolation Betsy Ryan and Myself (Christopher Smith) have been working to renew our Windsor Mountain School (WMS) relationship with Boston University Tanglewood Institute (BUTI). We had hoped to restart the tradition of a yearly September WMS Reunion Picnic in Lenox as we had done 2016 to 2019. As you may know, BUTI began to operate a Music Summer Camp […]

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2021 WMS Reunion in Windsor VT & Holiday Zoom

Birthplace Reunion of Windsor Mountain School! FINAL REPORT: Returned back home in Hatfield MA afternoon of October 3, 2021 having spent a breakfast with those alums staying at the Windsor Mansion Inn, along with others staying nearby. It was similar to the Reunions 2016 – 2019 in Lenox, that tend to be smaller allowing for new friendships and bond[y]ing of the alums blending the span […]

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2020 the missing year …

As the last of WMS grads coast into retirement, the world around us swirls in seeming chaos. We alums have both our Windsor memories and by some miracle the school grounds remain mostly intact and well maintained, although the Smith House was demolished (more on this coming). Sadly an out of control pandemic interrupted our Annual Reunion this year, so let us hope for 2021 […]

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Reunion 2019 Set for September 14th in Lenox

REUNION: Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 11 AM – 7 PM. 45 West St, Lenox, MA 01240-2420, United States (Windsor Mountain School campus). Once again our fearless leader, Betsy Ryan, has secured the Windsor campus for September 14th beginning at 11 am and going to 7 pm. Bring a picnic lunch and a comfy lawn chair. $20 per person (Kids Free) to cover a donation to Boston university […]

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AB Taylor, James Sarmuk & Meredith Sirna passing in 2018

It is with great sadness to report that AB Taylor passed away on New Year’s Day after a prolonged illness in California. AB was the adopted son of JB the renown chef of WMS for many years who lived in Pittsfield. He was beloved by alums who knew him from 1967 until he graduated in 1971 as very kind, charismatic and outgoing. He was passionate about […]

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Adjust, but don’t conform

Windsor Mountain began by founders Max and Gertrude (pictured) Bondy as a progressive school in the 1920s in Germany shortly after the end of WWI called Marienau near Hamburg. From the start it was co-educational and focused on the social, emotional and academic preparing children for a full and satisfying life, personally and as part of a community. Had Hitler and the Nazis party not come […]

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