1971 Year Book (2022 Update)

Thanks to Peter Goldman, a full version of this Yearbook is now available. The 1971 Yearbook followed the same format pioneered in 1969 in that it wasn’t a “book,” but rather a set of booklets. The booklets measured 9 x 10.5″ and were saddled stitched (center stapled), each had a pastel colored textured 80 lb cover with only “1971” printed in the middle. Each of the three booklets was themed for “Seniors” Blue (PDF), “Faculty” Yellow (PDF), and “Scenes” Purple (PDF). The booklet pages were printed black ink on 100 lb text white textured finish paper, with a parchment-like fly sheet between cover and pages.

To my [Curator] knowledge this is the only other class that did a yearbook in this style, although the class of 1970 did attempt to emulate the 1969 design, they got no further than a 54 page booklet that was some random photos (no seniors or faculty) and just 5 words on the inside cover. Oddly enough Bill Dobbs, who designed this concept, did not go on to be a world renown graphic artist or promoter, but instead became a lawyer. Still it was Bill Dobbs who was the primary organizer of the amazingly successful 1996 reunion at the Windsor campus. And although Bill wasn’t considered to be an artist or creative type, he left his legacy.

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1971 Year Booklets