From Broken Glass – Steven Ross

After the Nazis invaded his Polish village, eight year old Steve Ross began six years of misery in Auschwitz-Birkenau and Dachau. When he was liberated, he no longer knew how old he was, he was starving to death, and everyone in his family except for his brother had been killed. As an adult, Ross moved to Boston and worked for four decades as a psychologist in the school system, devoting himself to underprivileged youth, aiming to ensure that they would never experience suffering like he had. Revealing what he learned from his experiences, Ross notes that there is meaning in observing and enduring cruelty as well as in receiving compassion from caring fellow prisoners, and his book is a celebration of the human capacity to rise above even the bleakest circumstances. Available at Daedalus Books

Sari Issacson: Have just reread the book From Broken Glass. I don’t know if u know it but it was written by a man who was in school with me during 1952 to 1954. I read it a few years ago and put it away. The other day I decided to look the author up. Then I find out he died. But he lived quite a life after Windsor……who knew. He was the founder of the New England holocaust memorial. Steve Ross is his name today but he was affectionately known as Szmulek. I wonder if Windsorites would like to know about this? 

Happy new year…..sari