1956 Year Book

A traditional style yearbook, approximately 100 pages (printed one side), 8.5 x 11, with mimeographed pages (done at WMS) mixed with photo pages on coated 80 lb white, hardbound (glued pages to cloth fly sheet), cover is silk screen printed on laminated board. The beginning of book tells the history of the school by Gertrud, followed by a “Campus” overview and a lengthy report from Heniz. The faculty (first name and last names) follows, with a brief statement about each of them. There is a large section on sports (Heniz coached soccer). Seniors section near the end includes a “will” to the future, followed by numerous pages of advertisers (not included) and lastly a list of addresses and phone numbers so alum can stay connected (a nice addition). 

Highlights: The book is dedicated to Mathy Lauer – a cousin to Gertrud, who, like her, was one of the first women doctors in Germany (learn more about her in AnneMarie Bondy Roeper’s book “Marienau). Maurice Eldridge was Student Council President, find his words of wisdom on page 45. There are many photo pages, oddly there are many pages dedicated to sports from tennis to field hockey, a few daily scene pages, and as usual, Franny Hall did several theater productions – keep in mind the Theater has not yet been built, nor has West or East Dorms.

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1956 Yearbook
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