1963 Year Book

A traditional style yearbook, approximately 120 pages, 8 x 10.65 on stipple coated 100 lb white, with hardbound (sewn signature), dark blue leatherette cover that is screen printed with white ink. There a supplement spring booklet glued onto the inside back cover. Oddly, no lengthy message from Gertrud or Heinz, just a short history of the school. In this year there must have been numerous photographers due to the massive number of pictures, but they are not identified. The book is dedicated to Dick Morris, followed by faculty is featured first, lots of activities and sports, dorm group photos, seniors with baby photos, followed by sponsors and numerous pages of advertisers (not included). 

Notes From Andy Sherman – 1963 Yearbook Committee: I can add some details to the description of the 1963 book. Marion Maby was the editor and I served as the “business manager” and also took a lot of the photographs. Bayard Blessing also took many of them. We hired a professional photographer named Kanter from Pittsfield to take the group photos of the living groups and some of the sports teams. A professional also took the individual photos of the graduating class. Cary Weiner was the artist who created the sketches and line drawings that are sprinkled throughout the book. As noted we were very successful in selling ads, both to parents and to local businesses in Lenox and Pittsfield. So we had enough money to to do some special things, including a few color pictures, the record of Gertrude’s speech, which was recorded for this purpose and not specifically a Christmas message. Because the final edit of the book had to be sent to the printing company in the early spring so that the copies were available for distribution to all students by the end of the school year it was not possible to include some spring activities, including graduation. Since we had extra money available we were able to produce the supplement covering these things and this was mailed out during the summer.

Highlights: The notable feature was a small 45 rpm vinyl record glued into the front page. It is believed this was a recording of Gertrud welcoming students back from vacation (click here). Heinz year report notes the school was larger (thanks to West [New] boys dorm, and East [New] girls dorm), and the class house sized had doubled (2nd story) … education he adds, is more than just classes, it is being in an environment “free of fear and compulsion.” Heinz message was also very appropriate for the future #metoo movement of the 2000’s … “We want people to grow up with a natural attitude toward the opposite sex, without aggressions, with control over their emotions and actions and with respect for disciplines and rules necessary for society to survive.” The 1963 class president, and featured graduate, was none other than Carolyn Louks (pg 75), who in four years will return as wife of Heinz in 1968.

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1963 Year Book
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