1955 Yearbook (L’allegro)

Preface: L’allegro we learn was WMS “monthly creative arts and editorial organ” available by subscription with “copy rates may vary with each issue.” Each year through 1965 L’allegro would issue a final yearend issue which would also be called the Senior Edition or School Yearbook.

A traditional style yearbook, approximately 100 pages (printed one side), 8.5 x 11, with mostly mimeographed pages (done at WMS) mixed with photo pages (printed letterpress at Eagle Printing & Binding in Pittsfield, MA) on coated 80 lb white, hardbound (glued pages to cloth fly sheet), cover is silk screen printed on laminated board. The book starts with Staff Credits, Forward, Table of Contents, campus overview (with photos) history of the school by Gertrud, Max’s Speeches, “What the school means to me” by Tim Johnson. The Staff (first name and last names) follows with photos page, and a brief statement about each of them. Seniors are next, along with the Valedictorian Speech and “will” to the future. What follows is the “L’allegro” portion of stories and artwork, ending by numerous pages of advertisers (not included) and lastly a list of addresses and phone numbers so alum can stay connected. 

Highlights: The book is dedicated to Eleanor Bondy, Heinz first wife, “who seldom receives recognition for the many and varied tasks she performs.” Franny Hall did several theater productions – keep in mind the Theater has not yet been built, nor has West or East Dorms. Also there was no gym and only limited playing fields, so WMS shared those with Lenox Prep, Cranston, and a few other schools. At this time May 11th was celebrated as Max’s Birthday, this would later become Mayfair … there is a nice story remembering this day and Max. What makes this more than just a yearbook is the many stories and poems that is the L’allegro worth reading.

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1955 Yearbook (L'allegro)
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