2020 the missing year …

As the last of WMS grads coast into retirement, the world around us swirls in seeming chaos. We alums have both our Windsor memories and by some miracle the school grounds remain mostly intact and well maintained, although the Smith House was demolished (more on this coming). Sadly an out of control pandemic interrupted our Annual Reunion this year, so let us hope for 2021 to resume our Autumn celebration of the Bondy education/social experience.

There are new additions to this webpage this year under Yearbooks (the newly found 1970 + graduation program from Robert Talbot), Alum Stories, History (Smith House demolished), Publications (new book by Terry Hall, see his funny YouTube promos and “ie” Newspapers), and the always unwanted new names on the Memoriam page. The 1963 Yearbook has been updated with remarks by Andy Sherman from the Yearbook Committee. On December 19th Jim and Franny Hall’s elder son Parnell passed away due to Covid. He was a 1962 grad and prolific author of more than fifty books. Go to Publications Books by Parnell Hall to link to his web page.

Finally for badly needed words of optimism to help us all remember that this challenging crisis will too pass, listen to the soothing words of Gertrud as she welcomes students back from vacation in 1963 (click here) – also found under Publications.

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