1964 Year Book

A traditional style yearbook, approximately 140 pages, 8.5 x 11 on matte coated 80 lb white, with hardbound (sewn signature) tan linen cloth cover that is letterpress stamped with black ink. There are no credits given to the Yearbook committee or printer. Oddly, no lengthy message from Gertrud or Heinz, there is a reprint of one of Max speeches. In this year there must have been numerous photographers due to the massive number of pictures … you will see some of them sprinkled among the photos, but they are not identified. Faculty is featured first, then Seniors, lots of activities and sports, followed by sponsors and numerous pages of advertisers (not included). 

Highlights: According to Rick Goeld, author of People of WMS, 1964 is near the last of the “Golden Years.” Windsor, like Marienau, was to be a sanctuary from the ugly side of human reality in order to build a better humanity (our children will save us?). Future years would test Heniz resolve as he faced the coming culture “revolution,” Nixon, drugs, Vietnam, etc. Peter Roeper (son of George and Annemarie) was Student Council President. During this period Student Council and Court were very important as there are pictures of four elected councils in the school year. The yearbook features dorm group pictures, and by this year the West and East dorms have been built, as well as the dining hall add on to Main House. The book finishes with the 1964 Graduation. With Gertrud now handing more control of the school over to Heniz, there is his experience from Marienau playing out more prominently even as the school has grown larger. Lots of sports, arts and serious (but not too serious) academics. The American cultural turmoil is nearly unseen such as male long hair, mini skirts or politics (Kennedy etc.) … though there are some photos of guitars and one senior mentioning the Beatles. Likely this comes from the Bondy experience with Nazis intervention (1933-38) that they could not avoid and “adjust” enough to continue in Germany. 

Note From Wendy SaulI was the (unnamed) editor of the WMS Yearbook in 1964. Actually, Donald Sussman was elected (I think it was an elected position) to that post, but all of us that year were fairly done in by the death of JFK, car accident that killed fellow student David Knight, too many illegal drugs in student hands and the “joy juice” of Dr. Max Jacobsen who allegedly became a kind of chemical guru for faculty including Heinz. Donald Sussman dropped boxes of photos off at my house in Danbury CT and went on his way, leaving me to finish up the yearbook.
Very nice job with this post. Thanks so much for your care in putting it together.
PS. I went on to Knox College in IL, then to U of Chicago and got my PhD from UW-Madison. Had a lovely academic career and am now retired in the Hudson Valley.

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1964 Yearbook
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