2017 Reunion

Some may argue that the next Reunion should have been in ten years from 2016 in consideration of the prior two (in Lenox) have been held in 1996 and 2006, but well, we had so much fun last year, the feeling was why not make it an annual event. Besides at this point just how many alums, let alone staff would we have in 2026?

Then of course is the incomparable Betsy Ryan who has been the organizer/leader/contact & chief grand overseer of these past two reunions, who we have come to believe can predict the weather months in advance because once again the day, September 16th was perfect in every way. Thanks again Betsy!

For those of you who missed this wonderful event, click on the pictures below, and as an added bonus, to enjoy the sights and sounds of the day, which include a tour of the Main House and a poetry reading by Saleem Abdal-Kaaliq (John Davis 68), click here.

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2017 Reunion Alums
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